What Should I Look for When Choosing a Dog Trainer?

Even if your precious family dog isn’t showing signs of behavioral problems, making sure they get a round (or three) of training is essential. A well-trained dog is not only easier to live with, but they’re safer, too. After all, when you use commands, your intent is to keep your pooch from harm. That said, training your dog isn’t a DIY task; it requires a professional touch to make it stick.

When you begin your search for a dog trainer in West Des Moines, IA, here are some core values to consider.


The single most crucial component of a good dog trainer is the ability to communicate clearly. When working with your dog, they might gain insight into your pup’s behavior that could be vital to understanding and correcting it. When that happens, you want someone who will explain these revelations to you in clear, straightforward English.

Positive reinforcement is key

The only healthy and productive way to train your dog is through the use of positive reinforcement—period. Don’t let any potential trainer try to convince you otherwise. Negative reinforcement results in feelings of fear, anxiety, stress and frustration in your family pet, which could lead to even more destructive behavior.

When searching for the right dog trainer in West Des Moines, IA, you should start with a trainer that embodies these core values and then takes things a step further.

Private lessons

Not all dog trainers are ready to offer lessons one-on-one with just you and your dog. In fact, the lessons provided by most large-scale operations rely on group training sessions that may be productive, but may prove just as likely to be a distraction for your puppy.

More often than not, a trainer who will provide one-on-one lessons will deliver the best result.

The degree program

You might think that offering your dog a degree to mark their success is a little bit silly, but you might be surprised. A degree at the end of specific training serves several purposes. First, it provides a record of the specific kind of training your dog has completed, as well as documentation as to how well they did and how you can improve on that success in the future.

Second, a degree provides clear-cut benchmarks for a training regimen. For example, if your dog undergoes training to prevent them from jumping up, you’ll expect the program to cover that specific lesson and nothing more.

Canine Country Club is your answer

When you choose Canine Country Club as your dog trainer in West Des Moines, IA, you’re getting so much more than just a trainer. While we provide the area’s most esteemed dog training services, we’re also here with West Des Moines’ coziest animal boarding, either while you’re at work or while you’re away on vacation. We can even offer first-rate grooming services!

We take incredible care to make sure we treat your precious pet like it’s one of our own. Come to Canine Country Club today and let us prove it to you. Give us a call or visit us online to learn more.

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