What Shots Does My Puppy Need, and When?

Signing up for puppy care in West Des Moines, IA means you must keep your dog’s shots up to date. If this is your first dog, you might not be aware of which shots your puppy needs, and when. This handy guide will help you ensure you’re on top of all the vaccinations your dog will need to enjoy our services at the Canine Country Club.

Vaccination considerations

Your dog’s vaccinations depend on their health and your location. Your veterinarian will work with you to develop a puppy vaccination plan designed to keep them in the best health possible. Diseases that might be common in one part of the country can be unheard of in Iowa, and vice versa. For example, ticks and Lyme disease are far more common here than in states like Louisiana.

Your dog’s lifestyle (such as where you take them and how many other dogs they regularly play with) and their health will also be a consideration. Some vaccines are not appropriate for puppies or senior dogs, or those with certain health conditions.

Please note that all puppies in the state of Iowa are now required to have a rabies vaccine at 12 weeks old, per the State Code. This requirement is to protect your dog, the humans and the other dogs at canine facilities.

Vaccinations to get

Ask your veterinarian which vaccines—in addition to this list—are right for your puppy’s health in West Des Moines, IA:

  • Bordetella: Bordetella is also commonly known as kennel cough. This is a respiratory illness that includes lethargy, coughing and gagging. It spreads easily among dogs, so if you plan to take your dog to places like the dog park, groomers, kennels or other high-traffic dog areas, you’ll need to get this vaccine.
  • Canine influenza virus: Canine flu (CIV) symptoms look like kennel cough, but can develop into pneumonia. This also is easily spread between dogs, so if you’re getting the Bordetella vaccine, make sure you also get one for CIV.
  • Distemper combo: This vaccine prevents distemper, for which there is no cure—and it can be fatal. All puppies should get this vaccine, which also guards against parvo.
  • Leptospirosis: The leptospirosis vaccine is necessary for dogs that go outside—lepto can be spread through wildlife urine. It can also spread to humans through your dog, so be sure to get this if you expect your dog to spend any amount of time outdoors.
  • Lyme disease: Lyme disease is spread through ticks. If you or your household has ever so much as seen a tick on yourselves or your pets, you should get this vaccine.
  • Rabies: Finally, as you know, rabies vaccines are required at 12 weeks. Rabies is always fatal in an unvaccinated dog, so make sure to protect your puppy’s health in West Des Moines, IA by getting them vaccinated.

For more information about the vaccines your dog needs before visiting the Canine Country Club, reach out to us today. We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

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