Get Your Dog Home Safely: Microchip and Register Them

There are few things more terrifying than realizing your pet is lost. Dog microchipping and microchip registration helps West Des Moines, IA pets get home more quickly, and if you have not done this already, address it as soon as possible. You never know when someone might leave a gate open or a leash might break while you’re out on a walk. Here are four reasons to microchip your dog:

  • Permanent identification: For years, the standard dog identification method was a collar and tags. Unfortunately, dogs can remove collars or break them off if they get stuck. Once they lose that identification, it is difficult to get your dog back home. Microchipping doesn’t present these challenges. A vet inserts the microchip beneath your dog’s shoulder blades, where any vet or animal shelter can scan it. No matter what your dog encounters, this essential identification remains intact and accessible.
  • Universally recognized: If someone finds your dog, they can quickly access your contact information by taking your dog to a vet. The same is true if your dog ends up in the shelter. All shelters and rescues scan for a chip before putting a dog up for adoption. However, for this system to work, you need to register the chip after it is inserted, and keep the information updated if you move. Many owners forget to log into the website provided with the chip and enter their contact information. Rescues frequently end up with chipped dogs but no owner information available. Do not skip this crucial step!
  • Quick reunion: Without a chip, time is of the essence. Shelters may only allow 48 hours before they mark a dog for euthanasia or make them available for adoption. One quick scan stops this process, and the shelter can call you to pick up your dog. The same is true if someone else finds your dog and scans the chip. It’s been proven time and again that microchipping leads to faster reunions and less anxiety for owners.
  • Reduced anxiety: If your dog gets lost, you never have to worry about them losing a collar or ending up in a bad situation. Even if the absolute worst happens and your dog is injured by a car or wild animal, the vet treating them can contact you after scanning the chip. You do not have to worry about your dog facing an unknown end or fear never seeing them again. With microchipping and registration in West Des Moines, IA, the chances are high that your dog will return to you, or you will at least know their fate.

There are a few basic tips to keep in mind with microchipping. As indicated earlier, log on immediately and enter your contact info in the database as soon as your dog is chipped. Some companies check in with you once a year to see if your information is accurate, but you shouldn’t rely on this. Update the chip information along with any other address changes if you move. Finally, add multiple people if your dog gets lost and the person who finds them is unable to contact you. That way, a trusted friend or family member can pick up your dog and take them home.

Canine Country Club is West Des Moines, IA’s premier doggy daycare. If you book our daycare services, we want your dog to be safe and healthy. Arrange for dog microchipping and microchip registration today!

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