Six Tips for Finding Your Lost Pet

Even with microchipping, finding a lost pet in West Des Moines, IA takes effort. It’s made worse by the stress, which may compromise your ability to plan and carry out a good strategy. While no one wants to face a lost pet situation, you should still prepare if it happens. Here are six lost pet tips to follow when your best friend is missing:

  • Make announcements: If you are active on your neighborhood’s Nextdoor page, post an announcement regarding your missing pet. Keep it simple: “Lost Dog, Golden Retriever, Call _____.” Run a similar ad in local Facebook groups and on Craigslist. See if your local paper offers a lost pets section and run an ad there. For low-tech solutions, post signs on telephone poles and in high-traffic areas like parks. Include a clear photo of your pet, and if you offer a reward, you may get results sooner.
  • Search the neighborhood: This is a good time to get to know everyone. Talk to mail carriers, other dog owners, delivery drivers, children and neighbors. Keep a flashlight with you so you can check under porches, inside drains and around parked cars. When the sun sets and your neighborhood is quiet, step out and call your pet’s name. You may hear the faint sound of a bark or whimper if they are stuck somewhere and need you to rescue them.
  • Keep your phone on: If you are the type of person who keeps their phone on “do not disturb” all the time, now is the time to break this habit. Keep your phone turned on, keep it charged and keep it nearby. If your workplace requires you to keep your phone off, leave a voicemail message with your work number so people can reach you about your pet immediately.
  • Contact shelters, rescue groups and animal control: Inform your local animal welfare agencies of your lost pet. When you call them, ask them about other places you should check and contact them as well. There are usually more rescues and shelters than you realize! Once you have a complete list, contact these places every day. Volunteers are busy and will not always make the connection between a new animal and your lost pet.
  • Post flyers at vet hospitals: There is a good chance that if your pet is injured, a good Samaritan will take them to the vet. Create flyers appropriate for vet hospitals, especially emergency care clinics. Reach out to other businesses with heavy foot traffic and see if they will allow you to post a flyer. Coffee shops are often amenable to lost pet posts.
  • Follow leads: When you get a lead, follow it, even if it sounds like a long shot. Pets may wander a radius as far as five miles from home, especially if they are not spayed or neutered. You never know where they will turn up, so any lead is worth investigating!

In addition to improving your chances of a reunion through microchipping in West Des Moines, IA, dog training may reduce lost pet incidents by teaching your dog recall, leash control and generally more obedient behavior. Canine Country Club offers training packages that address your dog’s specific issues. Call us today to schedule a free assessment.

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