How to Ease Kenneling Anxiety

If you could, you would no doubt keep your dog by your side all the time. Unfortunately, life will undoubtedly intervene, and you will find yourself searching for the perfect place to board your dog. You want to find a comfortable place, to be sure, but you also want somewhere that understands your dog’s unique needs. Parting ways with their owner can be extraordinarily stressful for a dog, even if only for one night.

Fortunately, there are several kenneling anxiety tricks in West Des Moines, IA that can ease the stress associated with your departure.

Arrange a visit

One of the most common reasons that dogs get stressed in a kennel situation is the unfamiliar surroundings. If you can introduce your dog to the kennel in the days and weeks leading up to their visit, they will find the transition to an overnight stay more comfortable.

A regular trip to the doggie daycare at Canine Country Club can help your dog get used to our space before they need to spend the night.

Pack familiar items

One of the easiest steps to take to prevent kenneling anxiety is to pack a small suitcase of familiar items to go with your dog. If they have a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or toy, be sure to bring it with them. Having some items from home can prove comforting to your dog when they’re unsure about their surroundings.

Socialize your dog

Some dogs get overwhelmed in the presence of other pups or strangers, which can add to their unease. If you have a younger dog or a consistently shy dog, consider socializing them as much as you can before a kennel visit to relieve their boarding anxiety in West Des Moines, IA.

In addition to our doggie daycare services, the crew at Canine Country Club understands that every dog is different. That’s why we employ one of our own kenneling anxiety tricks. We provide personal cuddles and playtime to shy or stressed dogs to ensure they never feel isolated or ill at ease.

Drop your dog off early

A sudden transition from your nice, quiet home to a nighttime stay at a kennel could prove alarming. As a result, it’s best to drop your pup off as early in the morning as possible, so they have the entire day to get used to their new surroundings. Give them as much time as you can to acclimate to their temporary home.

Enlist the pros

Want to know more kenneling anxiety tricks in West Des Moines, IA? You only need to know one: bring your pup to Canine Country Club. Our team strives to provide personalized care to every dog under our roof.

Besides our dog boarding and doggie daycare, we proudly offer excellent grooming services, plus a variety of training courses to help your wrangle your unruly pup.

We’re ready to help your dog lead a healthier, happier life. That’s our promise to you. When you want the best for your pup, come to Canine Country Club. Contact us today to find out more!

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