Diagnosing and Treating an Overheated Dog

With the temperatures rising, it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure your dog isn’t overheated. Overheating can cause major health issues for your furry friend, and can even be life threatening. That’s why it’s important to stay aware of all the symptoms of overheating, which include excessive thirst, vomiting, disorientation and more.

You should also know what to do if your dog is showing any of these symptoms. If you’re a West Des Moines, IA resident wondering what to do if your pet overheats, read on for plenty of information on treating an overheated pet.

Symptoms of overheating in dogs

Are you a West Des Moines, IA pet owner wondering how to know if your dog is overheating? As mentioned above, there are several symptoms to watch out for. One of the first things to look for is changes in their panting. A dog that’s becoming overheated will pant excessively and sound short of breath. Excessing drooling and an increased heart rate could occur as well.

It’s a good idea to check your dog’s gums if you’re worried about them being overheated. Overheated dogs might have gray or blue gums. They may also experience disorientation or start vomiting.

What can happen if a dog gets overheated

Overheating is a major issue that you need to address immediately. Dogs that have become overheated could experience heat stroke, which could cause them to collapse. Heat exhaustion and cardiac arrhythmia are also major concerns when it comes to overheating.

Treating an overheated dog

If your dog is showing any signs of being overheated, it’s important to start treatment right away. The first thing you’ll want to do is bring your dog out of the heat. Bring them somewhere cool, preferably into an air-conditioned room. You might also want to spray your dog with a little water to help them cool off. Be sure to also offer your dog plenty of cool water, but don’t force them to drink.

It’s extremely important to bring your dog to the vet if they are overheated, even if they appear to have recovered.

Preventing overheating

If you want to prevent overheating in your dog, simply take the right steps to keep them cool this summer. That means not taking them out on extremely hot days. On days when overheating could be a real possibility, it’s best to find ways for your dog to exercise indoors. Consider buying them a toy that will occupy their time. You could also find a nearby lake to let your dog swim, or even invest in a kiddie pool for your pet to enjoy, ideally in a shaded area.

Take your dog on walks earlier in the day or later in the evening, when temperatures have dropped. It’s a good idea to invest in some dog shoes so your pup doesn’t burn their feet on hot concrete or asphalt. If you have a long-haired dog, be sure to have them groomed to prevent overheating from excessive fur.

Even on mild days, be sure your dog has plenty of water, especially when they’re playing outside. Keep a close eye on them and watch for any signs of overheating or dehydration.

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