Different Types of Grooming Sessions and Practices

You probably know that a standard dog grooming session usually includes bathing, nail clipping, haircut and brushing. However, there’s a lot more that goes into certain grooming sessions. Read on for plenty of information on different types of grooming appointments. This information will be a great help to those West Des Moines, IA pet owners who may be wondering, “What kind of grooming does my dog need?”

Bath and crate dry

This is a simple type of grooming that will ensure your pup is clean and ready to go. This process involves thoroughly washing your dog with a top-quality soap. After washing, your dog will air dry in a comfortable crate. A bath and crate dry is a quick, simple and affordable type of grooming appointment.

Full-groom haircut

A full-groom haircut is often necessary for dogs that haven’t received grooming treatment in a while. This full-service treatment usually features a bath and haircut, which are both performed by an experienced groomer. Nail trims and ear cleaning are also included as part of most full-groom haircut packages. While these packages are usually more expensive, they will have your dog looking as great as possible in the end!

Mini groom haircut

Min grooming is another popular type of grooming session during which your pet will receive a bath, fluff, haircut and more. These mini grooms often only feature trimming around the feet, face and backside, although sometimes they’ll include a trim of your dog’s entire coat.

Deshedding treatment

If your dog is a frequent shedder, it’s important to give them a deshedding treatment every now and then. This process involves using a specialized shampoo designed to remove a dog’s undercoat. The groomer will then blow away any extra hair using a power hair dryer. Some groomers will perform a process called “hand picking,” which involves removing a dog’s undercoat either by hand or through the use of a specialized brush.

Not all dogs need a deshedding treatment. Breeds that frequently shed include most terriers, chow chows and huskies.

Puppy grooming

Many people wonder when the best time is to start grooming their puppy. Most experts recommend a puppy’s first grooming session take place when they’re around 12 weeks old. However, this age can vary depending on your puppy’s breed. The type of grooming your puppy receives will also greatly depend on their breed. Long-haired breed puppies, for example, will usually get a haircut during their grooming session that makes their coat appear fluffy.

Most of the time, a puppy is going to be pretty nervous during their first trip to the groomer. That’s why it’s important to find a groomer that will handle your pet with great care. A good groomer will bathe your puppy, blow dry their hair, cut their nails and brush their teeth.

When you want top-notch grooming for your dog, contact the experts at Canine Country Club. We are here to help any West Des Moines, IA pet owner wondering about the best types of grooming for their dogs.

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