Why You Should Never Leave Your Dog in the Car Alone

When you need to run out for a quick errand, it might be tempting to bring your four-legged best friend with you. But if you’re going to be in a situation where you need to leave the dog in the car, you should think twice about bringing your faithful companion. There are many reasons why you should not leave your dog in the car alone, especially in the summer.

Here are some summer pet safety tips to help keep your dog safe:

It’s hotter than you think inside a car

It’s not news that it gets hot in the summer, but it may be alarming to learn just how hot it can get inside your car. A 2005 study by the journal Pediatrics found that the temperature inside of a car can increase to more than 40 degrees above the outside ambient temperature in less than an hour. Even half an hour showed a temperature increase of 30 degrees inside the car in some cases.

This was shown to be the case even with “comfortable” outdoor temperatures. With an ambient temperature of 73 degrees, the temperature inside the car rose to over 100 degrees in just 30 minutes; after an hour, it was over 110 degrees. With an ambient temperature of 88 degrees, the temperature in the car rose to over 115 degrees in just 15 minutes, reaching over 130 degrees after an hour. This holds true even if you leave the windows cracked.

It’s no surprise if this sounds really, really hot and unpleasant. But what effects does this level of heat have on your dog? Dogs start to experience the effects of heatstroke above 106 degrees. When humans get hot, our bodies produce sweat to help cool us down. Dogs don’t have that luxury, and the best they can do is pant. This is especially dangerous for short-nosed breeds like pugs, Boston terriers, bulldogs, shih tzus, etc., as it will further compromise their already compromised breathing ability.

One easy way to remember how the heat inside an unattended car will affect your dog is to consider how you feel after even just a few minutes in the car with no air conditioning. How long before you start feeling uncomfortable? Your dog is feeling that and more since their body can’t cool itself off like yours.

If the sun’s out, don’t leave the dog in the car

Though you may feel like you can mitigate the sun’s impact on how hot it gets inside your car, it will almost certainly not be enough to keep your pet safe. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that you do not leave your pet in the car alone for the sake of pet safety.

We all want the best for our dogs, and that’s why we put so much effort into pet safety. When you want to bring your pet to the best doggy day care or need a safe and trustworthy place for overnight boarding, contact Canine Country Club today.

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