The Risks of Bringing Your Intact Dog to a Daycare or Dog Park

Your four-legged friend is doing great. No health issues, loves to play—why not bring him to a dog park for a fun afternoon? Or, if you’re going on vacation or are away for several hours at work, why not drop her off at daycare for the day? There are several reasons you may not want to do either of these things. Dehydration in dogs and heat exhaustion in dogs are among them. However, there are other, even bigger concerns you need to be aware of when taking your dog to daycare or the park. Here’s what you need to know.

Risk of fights

Intact dogs (those that are neither spayed nor neutered) are more likely to fight with other dogs. If a female is present who is in heat, this further increases the chances of a fight. While you may want to take the opportunity to socialize your dog with other dogs, this is not always a good idea for intact dogs. The interaction is likely to be negative, and one or more of the dogs could get hurt (or worse) due to aggressive behavior.

Dog owners must remain vigilant to intervene if dogs display inappropriate behavior. Signs of aggression include snarling, drawn lips, holding the head high and tension in the body. If you notice these behaviors, you should call your dog to you immediately to avoid fights with other animals.

Risk of unwanted breeding

If a female dog is in heat, she will attract a lot of attention at a dog park or dog daycare. An environment in which the dogs are allowed to run free, such as a dog park, is not the best place for your intact female. It’s quite possible that unwanted breeding will occur. This can cause all kinds of complications for you and your dog. If your dog is an intact male, you may also encounter problems with owners of female dogs who do not want to breed their dogs.

Due to these risks, some dog daycares will not accept dogs who are in heat into their care. The risk is simply too high, and the dogs are too hard to control.

Risk of breaking the law

Due to the risks involved, the state of Iowa has established laws about commingling dogs. The law states that dogs over six months of age cannot commingle with other dogs who are not in the same family in daycare, dog parks or anywhere else. By following this law, you can reduce the other risks previously mentioned.

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To learn more about bringing intact dogs to daycare, contact the experts at Canine Country Club. Established in 2010, we take pride in making sure your best friend is receiving the best care possible. Our experienced team of caregivers is careful to take steps to avoid heat exhaustion in dogs, dehydration in dogs and problems stemming from inappropriate commingling. For any overnight sleepovers, we offer late-night care for health and safety considerations, along with plenty of potty breaks. We also provide grooming and obedience training. Reach us today at 515-221-0300.

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