How to Properly Brush Your Dog’s Coat

Keeping dogs groomed is an essential part of pet care. Grooming not only keeps dogs looking great, it also keeps their coats healthy and reduces skin irritation and infections. There are several tips that can help pet owners get the most benefits possible out of regular grooming. Keep reading to learn how to properly brush your dog’s coat to achieve all the best benefits from grooming.

How to groom my dog

If you’re confused about the best way to handle brushing and grooming, you’re not alone. A lot of pet owners are unsure about how to brush their dogs the right way to make sure their coats stay as healthy and well-kempt as possible. Here are some of the best tips for dog grooming and brushing:

  • Use the right tools: Different dog breeds have different coats that vary in length, texture and thickness. Before brushing a dog, it’s important to gather tools that are right you’re your dog’s particular needs. For dogs with short coats, like boxers and pugs, use a rubber curry brush. For dogs with minimally-shedding coats, like poodles and shih tzus, use a metal comb for regular brushing. Dogs like Labrador retrievers and corgis, with short double coats, should be brushed using a Furminator brush. For dogs with medium to long double coats, such as huskies and golden retrievers, use a comb followed by a slicker brush when grooming.
  • Brush in the right direction: In addition to using the right tools, it’s important to use those tools in the right way. Always brush down and away from a dog’s skin, following the natural direction in which the coat grows. Brushing backwards can cause tangles and may also cause pain or irritation to the dog, so maintain a consistent pattern in the right direction. It’s also best to use short strokes to avoid pulling too much on a dog’s skin while brushing.
  • Treat mats: Even with regular grooming, dogs may develop mats in their fur. If you notice a mat while brushing out your dog’s coat, use mat conditioner spray and leave it in for several minutes to give it a chance to soak in and detangle the mat. After letting the treatment product sit for a few minutes, use a wide-tooth comb or special mat removal tool to get through the mat. Depending on how severe the mat is, the only option may be to cut the mat out. If you’re having difficulty removing a mat, bring your dog to a groomer who can make an effort to remove the mat and, if all else fails, shave the area.

Professional grooming services

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