How to Choose a Dog Day Care

Dropping your dog off at doggy day care is a wonderful opportunity for them to have fun with other dogs and get some much-needed exercise when you can’t be around. However, you don’t want to take your pet to the first day care you find online. Do your research, and perform a quick interview with the owner or manager.

Keep reading to learn the top questions to ask when choosing day care.

Will you perform a temperament test?

Each dog has a unique personality, and dogs with similar temperaments should be grouped together. The day care should perform a temperament test when you bring your pet in to see where he or she should be placed.

Are your staff members trained?

A day care facility that doesn’t have trained staff members is a major red flag. At a minimum, each staff member should have basic first aid skills, but try to find a facility with a staff that’s trained in animal behavior.

What are your emergency procedures?

When choosing doggy day care, you should ask what the staff members do in an emergency. There should be processes in place for injuries, natural disasters and everything in between. Be sure to also ask how they communicate with owners after an emergency.

Is your business licensed?

Licensing is a sign of a reputable doggy day care business. If the company isn’t licensed, kindly tell them you’re not interested. It’s not a bad idea to ask to see evidence instead of just taking the owner’s word for it.

What types of correction do you use?

Ask how staff members go about correcting bad behavior. Never trust a company that’s hesitant to answer this question, because you probably won’t like the answer.

Why choose Canine Country Club?

When choosing doggy day care, look no further than Canine Country Club. Here are a few reasons why loving dog owners drop their pets off with us instead of other facilities:

  • Highest safety record in the area: The numbers speak for themselves: We have a 99.999 percent safety rating! As a licensed business, all of our employees must undergo CPR and first aid training if an emergency does arise. Everyone has also completed the Knowing Dogs 101 and 201 training programs.
  • Temperament testing: As we mentioned, temperament testing is a must to ensure your dog is placed with similar animals. We offer free, first-day temperament testing for all new clients for owners’ peace of mind.
  • Socialization options: We know that not all dogs like being around other animals. That’s why we have private rooms and potty areas for dogs who prefer to be alone. This is a great option for older dogs who aren’t as energetic as they used to be.
  • Affordable pricing: You won’t have to break the bank when you bring your pet to us. Pricing starts as low as $22 per day, and we even offer a 15 percent discount for families with multiple dogs.

The next time you need to drop your dog off for doggy day care, look no further than Canine Country Club. Contact us today to register your pet or to learn more about questions to ask when choosing day care.

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