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Meet Karissa

Born & raised in the metro, Karissa Schreurs has always called West Des Moines her home. A graduate of Drake University, with an M.B.A. in business, Karissa was bred to run her own business.

Karissa grew up showing & training horses as well as caring for dogs her entire life. Following Drake University, Karissa ventured into a corporate sales position in Eastern Iowa, where she furthered her business knowledge & built strong interpersonal communication skills, which ultimately empowered her to venture to the world of small business ownership.

While working in corporate sales, Karissa, a proud fur-parent, was transporting & dropping her pups off daily at an area daycare facility. She found the business intriguing & started to discuss with friends & family the need for such a business in the West Des Moines community.

After what seemed like years of research, meetings, conferences, red tape & more, Karissa broke down the barriers to open Canine Country Club, West Des Moines’ first all-inclusive doggy daycare, boarding, grooming & training facility.

Since 2010, Karissa has continued to grow her business, expanding not only the service offerings, but the physical space at CCC, to now more than 11,000 square feet of puppy play space.

When Karissa isn’t playing with pups at daycare or snuggling your four-legged children at boarding, she is continuing her active role training competition dogs in the phases of tracking, obedience & protection. A fur-parent of many pups, Karissa is particularly fond of the Belgian Malinois and owns three of her own. She is also passionately involved with various non-profits across the nation, such as the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Second Chance Dog Rescue, the American Working Malinois Association, the United Schutzhund Clubs of America & many more.

Karissa, like everyone at Canine Country Club, is extensively and professionally trained in Dog CPR & First Aid and The Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 & 201. She is an expert with dog behavior, pack management, dog body language, correctly breaking up a scuffle or altercations, and deeply instill those philosophies with everyone working at Canine Country Club.

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Karissa’s Accomplishments

Owner of Daneskjold Omax – “Omu”
Schutzhund BH
Schutzhund IPO1 High IPO1 in trial
Schutzhund IPO2 2018 United Schutzhund Clubs of America Mid Central
Region IPO2 Regional Champion
Schutzhund IPO3 High in Trial High IPO3 High Protection High Obedience
AKC Canine Good Citizen
AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced
AKC Trick Dog Novice
AKC Trick Dog Intermediate
Owner of Top Gun’s Dara – “Honey”
Schutzhund BH
Schutzhund WH
Schutzhund APr1
AKC Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog International
American Temperament Test Society
Owner of Gisarme de Alphaville Bohemia – “Chivava”
Schutzhund BH
AKC Canine Good Citizen

Chivava Honey Omu With Names And Titles


Meet Tonja

I am Tonja Osborn, with my husband Chuck Osborn. The very first time we meet your dog, you’ll see a huge positive change in your dog’s attitude. You’ll leave our class with a smile on your face; and your dog’s tail wagging. This is the most fun you can have with your dog, and still consider it productive dog training.

Through positive reinforcement, we’ll show you how to create a happy, balanced dog, that’s a joy to be with at home, and out in public.

And, we’ll teach you how fun, and easy, dog training can be. Whether you need puppy training, or have an adult dog that needs an obedience refresher, it should be mutually rewarding for your team.

At Canine Training by Mystic Moon, Inc. we offer a wealth of knowledge on dog behavior. We have 48 years worth of combined experience. We have educated ourselves from the best world level, training professionals.

Tonja’s Accomplishments

(Some Ranking Stats From 1998 – 2015 NA due to basement flooding, dang!)

1st PlaceNA CierraIbizan Hound | 1st Ibizan to earn this
1st Place OA Cierra Ibizan Hound | 1st Ibizan to earn this
2nd Place NA CierraIbizan Hound | 1st Ibizan to earn this
9th Place NA CavellDalmatian
3rd Place OA Cavell Dalmatian
High In Trial & High In Show Q German Shepherd National Specialty
2016 EZ #3 Saluki in the United States invited to compete in December, in Orlando, FL
2017 EZ #4 Saluki in the United States invited to compete in December, in Orlando, FL
5th Place CDNikki Borzoi
9th PlaceCDCavell Dalmatian
10th Place CD Cavell Dalmatian
Cavell Overall Top Ten Dalmatian
1st Place CD Q German Shepherd
his score beat 84 competitors
High In Trial & High In Show Q German Shepherd
1st Place AG-I Cierra Ibizan Hound | 1st Ibizan to earn this
1st Place AG-II Cierra Ibizan Hound | 1st Ibizan to earn this
High In Trial & 3 times Q German Shepherd
High Combined 2 times Q German Shepherd
1st Place CD Q German Shepherd competing against GSDs
5th Place CD Q German Shepherd competing against All Breeds
Dog World Award Ibizan Hound 1st Ibizan to earn this
This is an extremely difficult test.
It’s a pass or fail test, not just point deductions.
BH Cierra Ibizan Hound 1st Ibizan to earn this
BH Q German Shepherd
My test was: outside, in several acres of disked corn field with no fence very cold rainy day with dozens of Canadian Geese flying by us repeatedly out of control dogs, and people, standing nearby my GSD was attacked by another GSD during my dog’s long down as I ran to protect him I yelled to him “NO bite NO bite NO bite” my dog did not bite back, came to me, and we finished our test
Most Titled Ibizan Hound, from numerous venues
Cierra CH Serandida’s Elusive Sorocco, FCH, JS, CGC, TDI, AKC OA, UKC U-AG-II, IPO BH