Benefits of a No-Collar/No-Leash Dog Daycare

For some owners, the choice to put your dog in daycare can be somewhat stressful. After all, you don’t want to put your pet into an environment where they might be scared or unhappy. When you take into account that some of the most popular and reliable doggy daycares operate on a “no leash” policy, […]

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What Should I Look for When Choosing a Doggy Daycare?

Anyone who has ever had the good fortune to call a dog their own understands that, when it comes to our furry friend’s wellbeing, we only want what’s best. We’d love to be able to stay by our dog’s side all day long, but unfortunately most of us have to head out into the big, […]

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Dogs Eat Poop

Coprophagia- the nice and less disgusting word used for “poop eating.” Coprophagia is caused by two different problems, medical and behavioral. I will discuss both. As we all know, this is a really gross habit and if we can find a way to keep our dogs from doing it we are much happier dog parents […]

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