Dog Boarding in West Des Moines, IA

Where your dog can sleep, stay and play the day away!

At Canine Country Club, your dog’s stay is all-inclusive—no matter how long they’re with us! In addition to a comfy, cozy place to call their own during their boarding, they’ll also enjoy the amenities of our daycare packages throughout their stay. There’s a reason West Des Moines, IA pet owners trust us for dog boarding! We welcome your pup for as long as you’ll be away:

Special Needs Luxury Suites

We have 9 Luxury Suites specially made for dogs with special needs. These suites are in their own room in a quiet and secluded area of the building. All the Special Needs Luxury Suites come with all the Luxury amenities: stuffed Kong bedtime treat, ability to bring any bedding, blankets, or toys from home, and a private webcam to view your dog while he/she is in their suite and a free bath after a 5-night stay. Your dog will also receive a minimum of 2 hours of daycare time per day or private potty and play time with a staff member. Additional daycare or private play time can be added for $15/day. You can find additional boarding add-ons below.
Special Needs Luxury Suites are suitable for any dogs, but most commonly are used by the following dogs:

  • Dogs with separation anxiety
  • Elderly dogs
  • Puppies
  • Any dogs with health conditions
  • Any scared or shy dogs
  • First time boarding dogs
  • Dogs who kennel fight
  • Dogs with dog aggression issues
  • Dogs who need to be in a quiet, secluded area
  • Dogs who need to be away from the hustle and bustle of the larger areas of the facility

Standard Pricing

One Dog$76
Two Dogs$145
Three Dogs$217
Four Dogs$289


One Dog$81
Two Dogs$155
Three Dogs$232
Four Dogs$309

Luxury Boarding

Want to treat your pup to a more glamorous getaway? Our luxury boarding suites are some of the biggest in West Des Moines, IA! They feature solid walls and glass front doors that don’t give off a kennel or cage feel. Your dog will enjoy their own private room in a quiet, secluded area of the building.

In addition to an oversized suite, comfortable digs and a cozy Kuranda bed to sleep on, your dog will receive a stuffed Kong bedtime treat every night and a free bath after a 5 night stay! Your dog will also receive a minimum of 2 hours of daycare time per day or private potty and play time with a staff member.  Additional daycare or private play time can be added for $15/day.  You can find additional boarding add-ons below. Additionally, each one of our luxury suites is equipped with a private webcam so you can take a sneak peek at your dog in his/her suite while you’re away. Finally, in Luxury Boarding, you can bring any bedding, blankets or toys from home that are non-choking hazards to make your dog as comfortable as possible at their home away from home at Canine Country Club! *we reserve the right to remove any bedding, blankets and toys that we deem to be hazardous and cannot guarantee the intact return of these items as some dogs will destroy belongings when away from home*

Standard Pricing

One Dog$63
Two Dogs$120
Three Dogs$180
Four Dogs$240

Peak Season

One Dog$68
Two Dogs$130
Three Dogs$195
Four Dogs$260

Premium Boarding

Premium boarding is your pup’s chance to enjoy their getaway! We offer a home-away-from-home experience that ensures your dog can rest in relaxation, socialize with other furry friends, and enjoy the love and attention of our staff.

All dogs staying with us get a minimum of 2 hours of daycare time per day, or private play and potty time with a staff member.  Additional daycare or private play time can be added for a fee of $15. Their private boarding area includes an orthopedic Kuranda bed to sleep on at night. You can find additional boarding add-ons below

*Please do not send any bedding or toys with dogs staying in Premium Boarding. There is a small gap at the bottom of the kennels and we don’t your dog’s neighbor stealing or chewing their things!

Peak Season

Winter Holiday/New Years 2021: November 13th – January 10th
Spring Break 2022: March 4th – March 28th
Easter 2022: April 10th – 25th
Summer 2022: May 20th – September 12th
Winter Holiday/New Years 2022: November 12th – January 9th
*Special Extended Long Term Boarding (1+ month) pricing available,
please call for a quote

**Boarding is charged in 24 hour time periods. If you pick up on
your pick up day later than your drop off time on your drop off day,
you will be charged $27 for 1/2 day of boarding.

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Standard Pricing

One Dog$47
Two Dogs$90
Three Dogs$134
Four Dogs$179

Peak Season

One Dog$52
Two Dogs$100
Three Dogs$149
Four Dogs$199

Day boarding

For dogs who pass our temperament test, we offer day boarding options on Saturday and Sunday. They’ll get 2-4 hours of daycare time, as well as a private place to call their own. Dogs who prefer to not play with other dogs will receive individual play and potty time with an experienced staff member. We offer weekend day boarding drop-off from 8-10am and pickup from 4-6pm.

Long-term boarding

Any dogs staying more than 10 nights will receive a long-term boarding discount. Trust our pet boarding experts to ensure they get the love and attention they deserve, as well as any health and wellness care they need.

Extended long-term boarding

Going away for a while? In the military and being deployed? We offer special extended long-term boarding pricing, to accommodate lengthier stays. Please fill out our contact form or call for a quote. Available by request only.

To be boarded at our dog kennel, all dogs must be over the age of 8 weeks, and have had their first 2 rounds of puppy vaccinations and Rabies vaccination by 12 weeks. Social dogs who pass our temperament test, a minimum of 2-4 hours of daycare time per day, including weekends, is included in the boarding price. For intact, non-social, skittish, anxious, or elderly dogs who need a safe space, we provide individual potty and playtime under staff supervision. Need to know what to bring for your dog? Check out our FAQs page!

Happy Dog

Boarding Includes

  • Personal Needs: Your dog’s stay is individually-tailored to fit their unique needs.
  • Separate Rooms: While not participating in daycare or individual play, all dogs are kenneled separately for their safety.
  • Kennels: We provide large and safe kennels for feeding time and sleeping.
  • Attention: Every dog receives individual attention with lots of hugs and kisses!
  • Individual Playtime: Intact or antisocial dogs receive individual playtime with staff.
  • Daycare: Every night of boarding includes 2-4 hours of daycare, suited for your pup.
Your dog deserves to feel welcome and wanted, no matter how long they’re with us. It’s why we provide a full list of add-ons and additional options. From grooming and spa packages to snacks and treats, we give your pooch a true vacation experience!


*Additional food can be provided at up to 4 cups of food per meal. Grain-free food is $3.50 additional, grain-included food is $2.50.

Day Boarding

Full Day With Reservation$22
Full Day No Reservation$27

Boarding Add-Ons

Here are some awesome things to make your pup’s stay even better!

Slow Feeder$2 (per meal)Appetite Enhancer
(canned dog food on your dogs kibble)$3 (per meal)Bob-a-lot Toy Feeder
(plus food if not provided by owner)$5

Stuffed Kong Treat$7
Ice Cream Treat$5
Extra 1/2 Day of Daycare$17
One on One Play Time$17
Picture Text$2/each
Video Text (approx 30 seconds)$4/each
FaceTime Call (iPhone Only)$10
Snuggle & Story Time$10
Puzzle Toy Meal$5/meal
Coat Brush Out (not a deshed)$5/5 minutes
Massage$15/10 minutes
Treadmill$10/5 minutes
Special Handling (Special Needs Luxury Suites)*$10/night
Special Handling (Luxury and Premium Suites)*$15/night
Rinse Off$10
Bath & Crate DryTBD by Weight
Mini-GroomTBD by Weight
Full GroomTBD by Weight
DeshedTBD by Weight
Spa Package$45/50
Quick Blow Out (not a deshed)$10
Plum Facial$9
Nail Grind/Dremel$20
Ear Cleaning$7
Teeth Brushing$7
Bandana or Bow$4
Appetite Enhancer (canned food/broth)$3
DIsmissal from Boarding Fee***$50-100
*Special Handling Fee Includes but is not limited to:
Dogs who need assistance getting up, moving, walking, etc.
Dogs who need to be hand walked to potty
Dogs who show dog aggression
Dogs who refused to enter or exit their kennel
Dogs who kennel fight/have barrier reactivity
Dogs who have to be handled with a dog catcher pole
Dogs who act aggressively but do not need to be sent home
Dogs who require more than one staff member for grooming ($15 per occurrence)
Dogs who need more than one rinse off during their stay ($10-$20 per occurrence)
Dogs who need more than one bath during their stay ($15-$40 per occurrence)

**Dogs who are dismissed from boarding for any reason will be assessed a Special Handling Fee of $50-100 at The Club’s discretion

Give Your Pup a Vacation!

If you’re going away, give your dog a vacation too! Canine Country Club welcomes pups from throughout the greater Des Moines area for day boarding, long-term stays and extended long-term boarding. Contact us today at 515-221-0300 to schedule a stay for your dog and to talk with our staff about their needs.