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How Matting Occurs and What to Do About It

Regular dog grooming has many positive benefits for both you and your dog. It’s always nice to hear compliments about your “beautiful dog” when you go for a walk, while for the dog, keeping up with grooming is all about feeling good and staying healthy. Without regular dog grooming, your pet’s fur may become matted. […]

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Different Types of Grooming Sessions and Practices

You probably know that a standard dog grooming session usually includes bathing, nail clipping, haircut and brushing. However, there’s a lot more that goes into certain grooming sessions. Read on for plenty of information on different types of grooming appointments. This information will be a great help to those West Des Moines, IA pet owners […]

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Maintaining Your Dog’s Toenails: Grinding vs. Trimming

For many dog owners, the process of trimming their dog’s toenails is one they dread. Dogs tend to be very fidgety or uncooperative, and it’s also a very delicate process—trimming the nails improperly could be painful for the dog and result in bleeding. There are some ways you can make the process a little more […]

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