Dog Daycare Services in West Des Moines, IA

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Where Safety and Fun are #1
2021 Safety Record of 99.999%

Mix and mingle

Your pup can pal around with other dogs (as well as our staff) to promote proper puppy socialization and stimulating play.

Well-rounded bound

Physical, mental and social stimulation means you’ll come home to a satisfied and fulfilled dog who’s properly exercised.

Play time

At Canine Country Club, our dogs enjoy amenities that include jungle gyms, cushioned play floor, toys and much more!

Puppy clubs

We match dogs of similar temperaments and play styles in groups, for even more fun, no matter how they like to play.

Play pens

More like play palaces! Your dog can run, play, tumble and more in our well-furnished 11,000sq./ft. facility.

Bring them in wired, we send them home tired!

Canine Country Club offers all the playtime and socialization opportunities your pup needs to match your exhaustion after a long work day. Dogs thrive off mental and physical stimulation, and in daycare, we provide both! Don’t feel bad about your busy schedule or leave your dog locked in a kennel all day. Just drop them off for a day of dog daycare services and know they’ll have the time of their life while you’re at work!
We welcome pups from across the greater Des Moines area for weekday dog daycare and weekend day boarding. It’s a great place for your dog to meet new friends who live in the area! Plus, they’ll run themselves out and get rid of all that anxious energy, so they’re ready to cuddle when you get home. We offer all-day daycare and day boarding options, for both social and antisocial dogs.
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All-Day Dog Daycare

If your pup is playful and friendly, and loves romping around with other dogs, all-day daycare is the place for them! We make sure your dog gets the attention they deserve and is exposed to other dogs with similar temperament.
As a licensed dog daycare service, we’re proud to have the best safety record in the greater West Des Moines, IA area, with few-to-no incidents between dogs. We adhere strictly to Iowa State Law of only 15 dogs maximum per handler, so you can rest assured there’s always someone watching. We take dogs by appointment only—no same-day signups, please! Be sure to make reservations for dog daycare services by calling 515-221-0300.

Dog Daycare Services

Day Boarding

For dogs who prefer a little peace and quiet, or who like to keep to themselves, we offer day boarding options. Your dog doesn’t have to be social to bring them for the day! They’ll get their own individual potty and playtime, without the stress or anxiety that comes from other energetic dogs. It’s a great option for older or antisocial dogs who prefer alone time or human companionship.
We offer day boarding throughout the week, as well as Saturday and Sunday day boarding (drop-off 8-10am; pick-up 4-6pm). Weekend pricing is $22/day per dog (no half-days). For any families wih multiple dogs, you can enjoy a 15% discount on additional packages for each dog(packages cannot be split between dogs when receiving the 15% multiple dog discount).


Full Day With Reservation$23
5 Day Package$112
10 Day Package$223
20 Day Package$446
Monthly Unlimited$430 (15% Discount)
Monthly Unlimited 2 Dogs$760 (25% Discount)
Half Day With Reservation$17
5 Half Day Package$82
10 Half Day Package$165
Half Day Monthly Unlimited$330
1/2 Day Boarding Charge**$27
**Boarding is charged in 24 hour time periods. If you pick up on your pick up day later than your drop off time on your drop off day, you will be charged $27 for 1/2 day of boarding.

Daycare Add-Ons

Here are some awesome things to make your pup’s stay even better!

Snuggle & Story Time$10
Stuffed Kong Naptime Treat$7
Ice Cream Naptime Treat$5
Picture Text$2/each
Video Text (approx 30 seconds)$3/each
Massage$15/10 minutes
Puzzle Toy$5/meal
Game of Fetch$10
Treadmill$10/5 minutes
Coat Brush Out (not a deshed)$5/5 minutes
Rinse Off$10
Bath & Crate DryTBD by Weight
Mini-GroomTBD by Weight
Full GroomTBD by Weight
DeshedTBD by Weight
Spa Package$45/50
Quick Blow Out (not a deshed)$10
Plum Facial$9
Nail Grind/Dremel$20
Ear Cleaning$7
Teeth Brushing$7
Bandana or Bow$4

Add Excitement to Your Dog’s Day!

Whether you’re headed off to work or just want to get your dog exercised and socialized, Canine Country Club is the place to bring them. Contact us and call 515-221-0300 to schedule a visit for your pup, and don’t forget to ask about our boarding and grooming packages!
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