Dog Grooming in West Des Moines, IA

Is your pooch in need of a spa day?

Is your pooch in need of a spa day? Bring them to Canine Country Club, where we offer full-service dog grooming! From dog deshedding treatment to specialty dog grooming, we’re proud to be one of the best destinations for grooming in the greater Des Moines area. Dog owners choose us for our extensive capabilities, coupled with our great prices and experienced staff. We provide the following services:

  • Baths
  • Deshedding treatments
  • Ear cleaning
  • Full grooms
  • Mat removal
  • Mini/sanitary grooms (feet, fanny, face)
  • Nail trims and dremeling
  • Plum facials
  • Spa packages
  • Teeth brushing
Michaela And Family

Our Grooming Expert

Our Head Groomer and Stylist, Michaela Coleman, has been with Canine Country Club for seven years, caring for and loving your dogs on a daily basis. She’s phenomenal at what she does and you’ll be impressed with her work on your dog! The best part is, she’s not booked out weeks in advance like most other groomers in West Des Moines, IA and the greater Metro area. With a skillful, gentle, loving touch, Michaela will groom your dog to perfection.

Here at Canine Country Club, your dog’s happiness is always our top priority. Michaela is very dedicated and passionate about the care of your dogs, so they’re always in good hands with her. You won’t be disappointed with the amazing job Michaela can do!

Bath Only and Crate Dry

Sometimes all it takes is a bath to get your pup looking and feeling their best again. We’ll lather them up good, rinse them down and let them air dry for a refreshed, comfortable feel.

Here are some awesome things to make your pup’s stay even better!

0-9 pounds$18
10-19 pounds$18
20-29 pounds$18
30-39 pounds$22
40-49 pounds$27
50-59 pounds$29
60-69 pounds$31
70-79 pounds$34
80-89 pounds$36
90-99 pounds$39
100-109 pounds$41
110-119 pounds$43
120+ pounds$60/hour


Great for maintenance, mini-grooming includes a bath and fluff, as well as care for your dog’s feet, fanny and face. Don’t forget the hair and nail trim!

(Bath, Fluff, Feet, Fanny, Face Trim, & Nail Trim)

0-9 pounds$34
10-19 pounds$38
20-29 pounds$42
30-39 pounds$47
40-49 pounds$51
50-59 pounds$56
60-69 pounds$60
70-79 pounds$65
80-89 pounds$69
90-99 pounds$74
100-109 pounds$79
110-119 pounds$83
120+ pounds$60/hour

Full Grooming

If your dog is looking a little rough around the edges, it might be time for a full grooming experience. We give them a bath, fluff, haircut (hand scissoring), nail trim and ear plucking.

(Bath, Fluff, Hair Cut, Hand Scissoring, Nail Trim, Ear Plucking)

0-9 pounds$47
10-19 pounds$53
20-29 pounds$59
30-39 pounds$66
40-49 pounds$72
50-59 pounds$78
60-69 pounds$84
70-79 pounds$91
80-89 pounds$97
90-99 pounds$39
100-109 pounds$103
110-119 pounds$110
120+ pounds$60/hour

Deshedding Treatment

We use a special deshedding shampoo that lifts the dogs shedding undercoat out. Your dog will then be hand dried, deshed with a force air dryer to eliminate all the dead, shedding fur and brushed out for any remaining straggling hair. A nail trim is also included. Hair trimming of “feathered” areas can be added at an additional cost. Price to be determined by coat type, length and weight of your dog. Please call 515-221-0300 for a quote.

Spa Add-Ons

Looking for even more ways to get your dog’s tail wagging? Here are some awesome things to make your pup’s spa day even better!

Here are some awesome things to make your pup’s spa day even better!

Nail Trim$14
Dremeling NailsNail trim + $6 or $20
Ear Cleaning$7
Teeth Brushing$7
Plum Facials$6
Spa Package *Spa package can be added to any bath or groom and includes Nail Dremeling, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Plum Facial & Cologne$35
Matt Removal$60/hour
Coat Brush Out *brush out only if deshed isn’t needed. Brush outs are not deshedding treatments and are not meant to deshed the dog. *brush out does not include any matt removal, only matting prevention. Matt removal is a separate charge.$5/5 minutes
Deshedding TreatmentCall for pricing
90-99 pounds$39
100-109 pounds$41
110-119 pounds$43
120+ pounds$60/hour

**Please note, unless your dog is getting shaved down, if your dog is matted anywhere, matting charges will be applied in addition to the grooming price at a rate of $60/hour

**Brushing out matting can be very uncomfortable for a dog. If your dog is too severely matted to brush out, a shave down will be required, CCC reserves the right to refuse matting brush-outs on any dog

**At this current time, poodles can only receive a “puppy cut,” our groomer does not do full “poodle cuts.”

Pamper Your Pooch

Need to schedule a spa day for your dog? Give Canine Country Club a call today at 515-221-0300 to book a grooming appointment or to inquire about packages and pricing. We’ll make sure they look and feel like a million bucks!

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