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Due to health reasons, Tonja Osborn is unfortunately not able to train dogs at this time. We are, however, still offering training. Tonja’s husband, Chuck Osborn, is now providing all the training at Canine Country Club. Chuck has been training dogs alongside Tonja for over 30 years. He is a highly capable and competent trainer and behaviorist. Chuck will continue all of our normal training programs, including Board & Train, group lessons and private lessons. We appreciate your consideration and understanding while Tonja is recovering and Chuck takes over the training program.

Even old dogs can learn New tricks at Canine Country Club!

Our dog training services and obedience training classes are fit for all dogs—whether you’re teaching tricks,giving your new puppy a crash course in basic behavior, or leaving your dog with us for extensive Board & Train options. We make it easy for the greater West Des Moines, IA area dog owners to find a training option that’s right for them, from our most popular Board & Train program, group classes, to private training sessions. We have something to accommodate every dog owner’s training needs. We can even teach competitive dog training services, AKC Canine Good Citizen preparation, and Therapy Dog International testing preparation!
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Dog Training Services

Board and Train

We offer comprehensive board and train programs in 2-, 3- and 4-week increments! These classes can be incorporated with regular boarding free of charge. You get:

  • FREE consultation about your dog’s issues and what training you’d like
  • FREE 1 – 1¼ hour in-facility private go home lesson
  • FREE 1 – 1¼ hour follow up in-facility private lesson, to be used within 1 year
  • FREE attendance to 4 training classes, to be used within 1 year
  • 15% off future board and train programs
  • 10% discount on daycare and boarding for your first year

See Pricing
When your dog is enrolled in Board and Train they are here for training and training only. Board and Train is NOT the same as regular boarding. It is counterproductive to the training efforts for a dog in training to play in daycare, play or socialize with other dogs or commingle with other dogs. It breaks the continuity between dog and trainer. Your dog will only interact with other dogs if it is part of his/her training. This means your dog will be in his/her kennel for the majority of their stay. This is not difficult or hard on your dog. Training is a very mentally intensive activity. To best benefit from training, it’s best for your dog to remain in his/her kennel to think about and fully absorb the training received. This will increase the effectiveness of the training your dog receives. Your dog will receive his/her daily training with Tonja Osborn and 5-8+ potty breaks per day with a professionally trained staff member.

Canine Country Club University Degree Programs

(2 Weeks)(3 Weeks)(4 Weeks)
Dog Accepts HandlingXXX
Flea DropsXXX
Rear EndXXX
Jumping UpXXX
Sit by Side in Heel PositionXXX
Loose Leash WalkingXXX
Loose Leash Sit and ComeXXX
Find itXXX
All GoneXXX
Hey – AttentionXXX
Proof Weeks 1 & 2 BehaviorsXX
Heel FastXX
Heel NormalXX
Heel SlowXX
Sit and Come Outside with DistractionsXX
Down StayXX
Not yours – Food on FloorXX
Seat BeltXX
Proof Weeks 1, 2, & 3 BehaviorsX
Sit and Come from a DistanceX
Not Yours – Walking over treats on floorX
Meet & Greet StrangersX
Wait at DoorsX
Go Lay DownX

Enrollment Information

Please bring all materials with you to ensure your dog’s place in the class. Here’s what we need from you on your first night of class:

  • You must fill Canine Country Club’s enrollment forms, found here.
  • Bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records for us to keep.
    • Rabies (if over 12 weeks)
    • Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella
  • Payment for Board and Train requires a non-refundable 50% deposit upon reservation, the remainder is due upon check in. Cash or credit card only.
  • Payment in full prior to your class or private lesson.
    • Cash or check made out to Canine Training by Mystic Moon, NOT Canine Country Club
  • Classes are non-refundable after completion of the first night of class
  • Enter training via the back/east side of the building, through the blue door to the left of the POD storage unit
Black White Dog

Training Schedule

  • Level 1 (Puppy and beginner manners and obedience)
    • please add Wednesdays 6:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    • Sundays, 11am – 12:15pm
  • Level 2 (Intermediate Obedience and Training: Agility, CGC, TDI, ATTS, IPO BH)
    • Sundays, 12:30pm – 1:45pm
  • Level 3 (Advanced Training: Agility, CGC, TDI, ATTS, IPO BH)
    • Sundays, 2pm – 3:15pm
  • Private In-Facility Lessons
    • Monday-Thursday, 11:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m
    • Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

What to Bring to Class

  • A happy, positive attitude, an open heart and a desire to have fun with your dog
  • Equipment you’re already using with your dog (prong collar, choke chain, e-collar, etc.)
  • Dog enters wearing a flat Collar (no Martingales, Halti’s, Harnesses, etc.)
  • Attached to the collar is a 6-foot flat leash
  • Cooked chicken breast cut into large grape size pieces
  • For Sunday classes, please do not feed dinner the night before or breakfast the morning of class. For Wednesday night classes, please do not feed breakfast or lunch. A hungry dog learns faster!

Testing Out of a Level/Class

For dogs with prior obedience training or who demonstrate the ability to respond to basic commands and behaviors, we offer the ability to test out of levels and classes.

  • Level 2 prerequisites to test out of Level 1
    • Sit Stay, to the count of 5
    • Down Stay, to the count of 5
    • Loose leash walking, 10 steps and back
    • Recall from the sit or down, 5 steps away
  • Level 3 prerequisites to test out of Level 2
    • Sit Stay, with your back turned away for 5 seconds
    • Down Stay, with your back turned away for 5 seconds
    • Recall, 20 steps/across the room
    • Loose leash walking around the classroom
    • All with distractions

Training prices

Board and Train – 2 weeks$1399
Board and Train – 3 weeks$1999
Board and Train – 4 weeks$2599
Each Additional Week of Board and Train+$700
Luxury Suite Upgrade (with no camera)+$20/night
Add on Therapy Dog International Training+$200
Add on Canine Good Citizen Training (3&4 week programs only)$75/week

Training Testimonials

All reviews are reflective of the training sessions completed through Canine Training By Mystic Moon at Canine Country Club.

“On behalf of the Iowa Public Defender’s Association I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for generously donating your time to give a presentation during our June seminar. As the host office we were pleased with the attendance and the many positive comments we received regarding the seminar and the topics discussed. Providing top quality continuing education and training programs for our attorneys and investigators is the chief objective of the Public Defender Association. It would not be possible to conduct these seminars without speakers, like yourself, who graciously donate their time to share their expertise and insight.”
-Sincerely, Valorie K. W.
“I am blown away by how different my puppy was after her board and train with Mystic Moon! They are absolute dog whisperers. I almost became emotional when I walked with my pup and she walked next to me without pulling! You will not be disappointed in what they have to offer. I am so excited to enjoy my puppy without the stress of her being naughty.”
-Sarah Carr Smith
“Coco completed her 4 week Board & Train!
So grateful to have found a wonderful, compassionate trainer
Tonja Osbourne with Canine Training by Mystic Moon
After recently adopting her, I was not making much progress training and after being part of the 4wek board & train program I am just amazed by the difference!
She’s fully fluent in sit, lie down, heel, wait, ok, find it, go, come here- oh yeah and shes finally fully housetrained. Tonja also gave me training…”
-Sarah Ericson
“A big thank you to Tonja at Canine Training by Mystic Moon, Inc! Your private lesson with Vader today really opened my eyes! I have so much more to learn from you to become the best trainer/handler I can be! I hope to start coming to Sunday class again in the next few weeks! You are such an awesome friend and mentor! I appreciate your honesty more than you know!
Vader and I have a long road ahead, but it will all be worth it! My passion for learning to train my dogs will only get stronger from here!”
-Samantha Nicole Grandfield
“Tonja is awesome! Would highly recommend for all dog owners 🙂 My beloved chocolate lab is finally becoming a well-behaved, calm pup!”
-Caitlyn Parrott
We were delighted to learn about “Canine Training by Mystic Moon Inc.” through our vet at Jordan Creek Animal Hospital. Tonja Osborn is a “dog whisperer” extraordinaire . . . We highly recommend Tonja and “Canine Training by Mystic Moon Inc.” to anyone experiencing puppyhood.
-Lucylou, Rita, And Jack
Thanks, Tonja! We had a great time in training . . .
-Barb, Butch, and Bleu Anderson
“During a Fire Drill at my apartment building, several of my tenants came by to pet my pup and they all commented on how well behaved and restrained he was. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I’m looking for in my dog, as I love going to the farmer’s market and hiking in warmer temperature and would love to take my dog with me – now I’m confident that this will be a very real possibility when that time comes! I can’t wait to know what’s in store for next class, as they’ve definitely had a huge impact on my relationship with my dog so far. ”
Best, Chad Nelson
“. . . Tonja Osborn of Canine Training By Mystic Moon, Inc. . . . It’s very evident that she believes in positive reinforcement and great communication . . . well, I was impressed. Tonja is much more than a “dog whisperer”. She has the ability to connect with both your dog, and you. A skill set, and gift, that is truly rare”
With best wishes and warmest regards, Al S.
“THANK YOU for what you shared with us in your class. I’ve taken classes with three local trainers/sources, but never with the kind of results that we’re getting with you, and Izzie. So much of what you teach, Tonja, seems common sense once you hear it, but common sense isn’t always in abundance!”
Cindy P., Mark, Dixon & Izzie
“Our Brittany, LuLu recently completed a 2 week [Board & Train] program. After bringing her home I initially didn’t see much change in her behavior and was somewhat disappointed. But, after attending the Sunday group session yesterday, I have noticed some very positive changes. I came to the realization that it was me that needed the training.
LuLu is a different dog and a pleasure to have around. The follow up group session helped me tremendously. Lu Lu not only understands my commands, but seems to take pleasure in doing them. She and I are both happier with each other.
Just learning to be patient with the process, and all the little nuances that Chuck provided has made training her fun.
Thank you for your guidance and skills. The follow-up group sessions should be mandatory. ”
Gary and Mary Lou Wagner &
LuLu Wagner

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Teaching your dog proper behavior and commands is important for their lifelong development. At Canine Country Club, we strive to help dog owners give their four-legged friends the education they need to be well-behaved, responsive and controlled. Contact us today at 515-221-0300 or contact Tonja at 515-321-3634 for more information about dog training services and obedience training classes alongside our daycare and boarding services.
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